Testimonials for Carolyn Moos www.fitforlivinglife.com

Carolyn is like no other coach. She is detail and knowledgeable about the game. She instructs at each players level while maintaining excellent standards. Her positivity and passion are contagious. My daughter took to her and her instruction instantly. She is the perfect fit for both male and female players. -Heather

Coach Carolyn, Has shown great flexibility in scheduling, communicates frequently and relates easily with my daughter. I think she is the coach my daughter needs to get her game where she wants it to be. -Dennis

Coach Carolyn gathered information on my player, tested and then designed instruction. She was able to look at what my player could do, challenge and instruct in a positive way. My player could understand her well and could step up to the next level. -Lisa

Coach Carolyn has been a positive influence on my daughter and is able to assess what she needs to do development her game. As such, we are pleased with the progress our daughter has made in all facets of her game.

Carolyn Moos offers the “entire package” of coaching. Her basketball career and achievements prove she has the knowledge and ability as one of the best. It’s her ability to communicate with the players, teach them life skills and truly care about the individual is what sets her a part. She is an amazing coach and individual who makes a clear difference a short amount of time.

Carolyn is consistent in her messages on health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and fitness. She practices what she teaches and is a great role model.

Carolyn realizes that each client has their own personal potential. She helps them set goals that are specific to their immediate and long term future. Progress is seen in all she implements.

Carolyn Moos has true passion for helping people realize their goals. Her passion for fitness, nutrition and youth basketball is very apparent in all that she does to help inspire, motivate and shape those she works with on and off the court.

Carolyn has been coaching our 11 year old daughter in basketball for several months and we couldn’t be happier with the progress! Carolyn coaches the whole person–mind, body and spirit–and has a genuine care and concern for her athletes. Her positive outlook and attitude makes her an outstanding role model. We are so pleased to have Carolyn as a coach and know our daughter is benefiting greatly!

After my first session with Carolyn, I knew she was the real deal. She understood which specific combinations of weights to lift, how to lift them, ratios of rest to work, and gave good explanation of why we were doing different routines. The more I worked with her the more I realized how the way I was training before was not allowing me to progress. I went to my first national tournament since training with her. Carolyn helped me work through the psychological aspects of sport – this was something I had never considered as benefiting my performance. We covered setting goals, thinking positively and internal dialogue. I met with her while preparing for the junior Olympics, and when my time came to perform, I wasn’t nervous at all. I believed in the skills I had and in the training I had done with Carolyn. She so often says “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” I utilized what I had learned from Carolyn to walk the psychological line that gave me the victory against someone of similar top level skill. Without Carolyn’s help I never would have gone as far as I did.

The training I have with Carolyn Moos has transformed me. I have a completely different prospective on how I look at exercise and nutrition. Carolyn has a great talent to guide, encourage, and motivate you. She is by far the best trainer I have had in my life. I highly endorse Carolyn to anyone who wants get a jump start to their goals!

Since working with Carolyn I feel like a new person and I can’t imagine going back to my previous lifestyle choices!

Carolyn’s work speaks to connecting the mind with the body, which has been key in shaping my motivation and the way I now look at leading a healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to every session because I never know what to expect, and the different workouts are very engaging.

Carolyn addresses the complete package, providing a very strong foundation of knowledge about nutrition, macronutrient profiling and the GI index that not only helps to give me energy for her workouts, but for the entire day.

Since December 2014, Carolyn Moos has been training and mentoring our teenage daughters, Hanah (15) and Molly (13) Sims. Her training sessions have combined nutrition, yoga, and basketball as part of a holistic approach to the development of our daughters. As their mentor, Carolyn has given them invaluable advice about time management, goal setting, and injury prevention as they play a variety of sports throughout the year. She is an amazingly positive role model for our daughters. We are so blessed to have her involved with our family. -Mark and Michelle Sims

Faith and Dylan looks forward to learning from Carolyn every week! They have a deeper understanding of basketball fundamentals and techniques. Dylan dreams of basketball night and day and she continues help his dreams become a reality. Faith looks up to Carolyn as a strong athlete and a leader with confident articulation. Our family sees great value in her knowledge and a wonderful positive role model to put our children around.