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Benefits of Yoga:

Benefits of Yoga on Cognitive Health

“A study group was put through testing to look at the benefits of yoga on cognitive health.The group which participated in yoga displayed improvement in areas of the brain which control concentration and attention; in other words, the yoga group came out of this study with enhanced ability to focus and multitask, showing that yoga was superior to the brain training program to improve mental functions. “We were a bit surprised by the magnitude of the brain effects,” noted Helen Lavretsky, the lead researcher in this study, when commenting upon the results. This study on patients with mild cognitive decline is simply part of a growing body of clinical evidence which shows that yoga, in addition to improving the health of the body, is able to improve the health of the mind as well, not only for problems like memory loss but for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and even more serious issues like schizophrenia. In short, this practice is a truly holistic method to improve all aspects of your health, apart from bringing a high degree of enjoyment and satisfaction to those who participated in it on the daily basis.” - Article